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Our Mission
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Consumer Action Network (CAN) is offering an 8 to 12 week unpaid internship program undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in mental health advocacy.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience with:

·        Mental health advocacy

·        Working with mental health consumers in a variety of settings – community, hospitals, shelters, group homes, jails

·        Collaborating with provider agencies, other advocacy groups, local government, housing personnel

·        Conducting training sessions for mental health consumers

·        Facilitating focus groups

·        Administering research surveys

·        Data analysis and report writing

CAN is a 501(3c) serving people in the District of Columbia who receive government supported mental health services, including those in hospitals, homeless shelters, group homes, and independent living.  We promote rights and recovery through training, outreach, and advocacy. 

Qualifications for the Internship

·        Good Oral and Written Skills

·        Proficiency with MS-Office

·        Willingness to do site visits to hospitals, homeless shelters, housing facilities, and consumers’ homes

·        To have empathy and an avid interest in helping mental health consumers in the DC community

·        To have an interest in learning what issues and challenges mental health consumers face particularly those that impinge upon their rights and recovery such as physical health conditions, housing status, involvement with the legal system, employment, treatment by providers, stigma

·        Direct experience as, or family of, a mental health consumer is a plus

 If interested in applying for the internship program, please e-mail info@can-dc.org.

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