About Us

Mission Statement

Consumer Action Network (CAN) empowers mental health consumers by promoting recovery and self-advocacy.

Promoting Recovery & Self Advocacy

CAN’s underlying premise and core principle is that recovery is possible for every person who has experienced some form of mental illness.  We understand that recovery is not a neatly defined “end-stage” of treatment or a specific outcome; rather, CAN accepts that recovery for mental health consumers is a continual process that embraces growth, transformation, accountability, and self-direction, wherein each consumer can find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in his or her life. A few of the consumer voices on service satisfaction in their own words:

  • “I have been here for four years and I’m feeling better. I’m learning new things in groups and progressing and developing myself.”
  • “I feel, since you all showed up, now I have hope. I feel bad when you all are gone.”
  • “I have been coming here since 1999. I am feeling so much better. I am taking my medication and no longer having symptoms.”


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