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 CAN provides consumer training in the following areas: 

Overcoming Personal 

Social Stigma

Consumer Rights 


Staying Mentally 

Self Advocacy

Advanced Directives

Wellness Recovery 

Trainings for 
& Consumers 

 & Appeals


Communicating with 
 People with Mental  Illness 

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                      Consumer Satisfaction Team

The CST Team's goal is to ascertain the degree of satisfaction of mental health services and supports received by a consumer from the community based service provider.  Consumer Action Network requests all community based service providers to participate by sending letters requesting participation. 

The CST Team (an interviewer and reporter) are consumers or family members of consumers.  The CST team members will reveal that they are consumers or family members of consumers, during the greeting and introduction, hopefully generating a level of trust toward consumers. 

Our reporters are trained to listen, non-judmentally and report what consumers say without interpretation.  There are consumers who are more than willing to indulge in conversation for lengthy periods of time, the interview will vary from consumer to consumer.  

All interviews should included only the consumer, interviewer, and the reporter in a private closed setting so the consumer can speak freely.  The CST reporter and interviewer do not use surveys, questionnaires, or recording equipment. 

A debriefing immediately following the interviews with the community based service provider's point of contact is suggested.  CST will report to the point of contact "what was said but not who said it" methodology.  All consumers giving information shall remain anonymous.  The anonymity is maintained unless consumer consent is given to use consumers' name with  comments with detailed requests.  

The  CST site visit is not intended to seek out grievances, but to conduct real time interviews and take note of suggestions and comments that could be passed to the community based service provider's clinical directors. 
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